Conditional Sentences

User’s Guide for Dave’s ESL Café Grammar Lessons Dave Sperling’s website is an established and wonderfully detailed source of information for international writers, and it can also be very useful for academic writers of all kinds. Sometimes we’re unsure of the more obscure grammatical constructions, and other times we may feel pretty confident about our … Continue reading Conditional Sentences


Writing (and Surviving) Your Dissertation: Advice from a Ph.D.

If you are reading this informal blog post, then chances are surviving the dissertation-writing process interests you. Perhaps you are a pre-quals Ph.D. student preparing for the next step in your doctoral career. Maybe you are a post-quals Ph.D. candidate starting the dissertation process. Whatever your graduate academic level is, keep this in mind: the … Continue reading Writing (and Surviving) Your Dissertation: Advice from a Ph.D.

Mini Workshop: Literature Review

Literature reviews are complex research papers (or sections of research papers) which require academics to walk a fine line between summary and synthesis. The author of a literature review essentially provides an objectively written synopsis of current research on a specific topic and shows the relationships among relevant studies. Literature reviews often also identify gaps in existing research. Keep in mind that literature reviews are not unconnected summaries of individual … Continue reading Mini Workshop: Literature Review

Tutor Spotlight: Brian

Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Brian. Brian earned his Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Psychology from The University of Virginia in 2005, and he earned his Master’s in Philosophy and Master’s in English from Texas Tech in 2014 and 2015, respectively. While pursuing his Master’s degrees, he taught courses in general philosophy, ethics, and rhetoric … Continue reading Tutor Spotlight: Brian