Director Spotlight: Dr. Messuri


Dr. Messuri has been the Associate Director of the Graduate Student Writing Center (GSWC) at Texas Tech since February 2015. Her job is to develop and oversee services and initiatives that help graduate students grow their writing skills. Her favorite part of working with graduate students is learning about their research; she is continually impressed by their creativity and intelligence.

Before Dr. Messuri started the GSWC, she was a graduate student herself. She holds a Ph.D. in English from The Pennsylvania State University. As a graduate student, Dr. Messuri’s research focused on Victorian literature, but she also spent four years as a tutor and graduate student coordinator in the writing center. She loved this work and decided to pursue it as a career after graduation. Her current research focuses on how writing groups operate and how writing tutors use their tutoring skills in their home disciplines.

People sometimes assume that writing is easy for Dr. Messuri, but it isn’t always. She often procrastinates—it’s easy to postpone writing when there are so many other things going on! Joining a writing group has helped; she appreciates the dedicated writing time, quiet environment, and camaraderie. She finds that the group encourages her to write throughout the week, not just during their weekly meeting. Dr. Messuri’s favorite part of the writing process is writing a first draft. She finds it rewarding to get all of her thoughts on paper, even if they’re messy and disorganized at times.

Outside of the GSWC, you can usually find Dr. Messuri cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes, hiking with her husband and their black lab, or exploring Texas and New Mexico.