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Writing (and Surviving) Your Dissertation: Advice from a Ph.D.

If you are reading this informal blog post, then chances are surviving the dissertation-writing process interests you. Perhaps you are a pre-quals Ph.D. student preparing for the next step in your doctoral career. Maybe you are a post-quals Ph.D. candidate starting the dissertation process. Whatever your graduate academic level is, keep this in mind: the … Continue reading Writing (and Surviving) Your Dissertation: Advice from a Ph.D.


Mini Workshop: Literature Review

Literature reviews are complex research papers (or sections of research papers) which require academics to walk a fine line between summary and synthesis. The author of a literature review essentially provides an objectively written synopsis of current research on a specific topic and shows the relationships among relevant studies. Literature reviews often also identify gaps in existing research. Keep in mind that literature reviews are not unconnected summaries of individual … Continue reading Mini Workshop: Literature Review

Synchronous Online Consultations at the GSWC

Did you know that the GSWC offers synchronous online consultations? Whether you are a distance student, sick at home, or can't find your keys, the GSWC is here for you! Online consultations are still 50 minutes long and are conducted with a live video feed. You can see, talk to, hear, and write chat messages … Continue reading Synchronous Online Consultations at the GSWC

Writing Group Facilitator Spotlight: David and Scott

This week, we’re spotlighting David Young and Scott Morris, two Ph.D. candidates in English who facilitate our Graduate Student Writing Groups. These writing groups meet for three hours each week in the Graduate Center. During their meetings, participants check in on their writing goals and write independently. What made you decide to join/facilitate a Graduate … Continue reading Writing Group Facilitator Spotlight: David and Scott

Director Spotlight: Dr. Messuri

Dr. Messuri has been the Associate Director of the Graduate Student Writing Center (GSWC) at Texas Tech since February 2015. Her job is to develop and oversee services and initiatives that help graduate students grow their writing skills. Her favorite part of working with graduate students is learning about their research; she is continually impressed … Continue reading Director Spotlight: Dr. Messuri

Client Spotlight: Nan

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What is your program here at Tech? A: I am from Thailand, and this is my fourth year living in Lubbock. I graduate with my PhD in Industrial Engineering in May 2017.  Q: What project are you currently working on? A: I defended my dissertation on … Continue reading Client Spotlight: Nan

Tutor Spotlight: Taryn

Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Taryn. Taryn is a third year PhD student in the English Department, specializing in American Literature. In 2015, she started working in the University Writing Center and moved to the Graduate Student Writing Center in 2016. She teaches 2000-level English courses such as English 2307: Introduction to Fiction and … Continue reading Tutor Spotlight: Taryn

Tutor Spotlight: Brandy

Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Brandy. Brandy is a PhD student in Technical Communication & Rhetoric with a specialization in second language and composition pedagogy. She brings several years of entrepreneurship combined with international work and study to the writing center. Her most recent work studies mechanisms that bring international students to U.S. universities. … Continue reading Tutor Spotlight: Brandy

Tutor Spotlight: Brian

Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Brian. Brian earned his Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Psychology from The University of Virginia in 2005, and he earned his Master’s in Philosophy and Master’s in English from Texas Tech in 2014 and 2015, respectively. While pursuing his Master’s degrees, he taught courses in general philosophy, ethics, and rhetoric … Continue reading Tutor Spotlight: Brian