Tutor Spotlight: Brandy


Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Brandy.

Brandy is a PhD student in Technical Communication & Rhetoric with a specialization in second language and composition pedagogy. She brings several years of entrepreneurship combined with international work and study to the writing center. Her most recent work studies mechanisms that bring international students to U.S. universities. Brandy’s passion lies in the interdisciplinary unification of seemingly disparate studies. She teaches English 1301, 1302, and 2311 (Introduction to Technical Writing). Brandy loves making seemingly difficult grammar accessible and even easy. Her dream career infuses teaching with intercultural issues in technical communication and rhetoric and program development. You can read Brandy’s recent publication “Recognizing and Disclosing Conflicts of Interest” in Intercom here.

A writing struggle that Brandy has overcome – or is at least working on – is completion. By joining a writing club, working with tutors in the writing center, and setting firm writing goals and deadlines, Brandy is finding success in her academic and developing professional writing. As an editor, Brandy has learned to allow herself to draft as she thinks through the writing, and to allow room for grammatical editing and fine-tuning later in the process.

Have tips for Brandy to overcome in setting and achieving writing goals? Interested in learning how grammar can become “easy”? Leave her comments below!


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