Tutor Spotlight: Brian

Tutor Brian Spreng

Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Brian.

Brian earned his Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Psychology from The University of Virginia in 2005, and he earned his Master’s in Philosophy and Master’s in English from Texas Tech in 2014 and 2015, respectively. While pursuing his Master’s degrees, he taught courses in general philosophy, ethics, and rhetoric and tutored for the University Writing Center and the Health Sciences Center Writing Center. Brian began tutoring for the Graduate Student Writing Center in the summer of 2015. He also offers private editing services to graduate students and faculty.

Throughout his education, Brian struggled with perfectionism in writing. Because he did not feel comfortable committing to paper any phrase that did not precisely express his meaning, he forced himself to carefully consider every possible way to say what he meant before he wrote anything down. Doing so taxed his mental resources unnecessarily and made writing very difficult for him. As Brian began to tutor others, however, he learned to take his own advice: when writing rough drafts, he started writing down the first thing that came into his mind. As he did so, he realized that turning something poorly written into something well written is infinitely easier than writing something perfect in your head.

Are you similarly a perfectionist in your writing? Just want to give a shout-out to Brian? Comment below!


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