Tutor Spotlight: Aubrey


Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Aubrey.


Aubrey is a second year Master’s student in Technical Communication expecting to graduate in May. She started out working in the University Writing Center last spring and moved to the Graduate Student Writing Center this semester. She currently teaches English 1302. You may also recognize Aubrey from around the writing center: she’s our online workshop facilitator and social media coordinator! She plans to go on to industry after graduation in a job related to accessibility, user experience, or content strategy. When she’s not teaching, tutoring, or holed up at Starbucks, Aubrey is forever trying to master the perfect crane pose.

A writing struggle that Aubrey is constantly battling is procrastination. She tends to spend the majority of her time planning what to write and making outlines, waiting until the last minute to put words to the page. As an attempt to combat that, she’s started making herself write for timed amounts. For example, she’ll set a timer in Google for 20 minutes and just write nonstop. When the timer stops, she can either keep writing, or take a few minutes of break. The most important thing is to just start getting words on the page, even if some of them are going to be cut later!

Have tips for Aubrey to overcome beginning the writing process? Leave her comments below!


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