Tutor Spotlight: Susan Stone-Lawrence

03_07_17 Tutor Susan Stone Lawrence

Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Susan.

Susan is a Fine Arts Doctoral Program student in the School of Theatre and Dance with tracks in History/Theory/Criticism and Playwriting. She recently passed her qualifying exams and now tutors at the Graduate Student Writing Center while starting her dissertation work. Susan also teaches a section of Programs for Academic Development and Retention as a way of strengthening her instructional skills for the pursuit of her long-term career goal – to become a professor teaching courses in theatre history, theory and criticism, dramatic literature, playwriting, and dramaturgy. During breaks from the relentless hustle of grad school, Susan enjoys relaxing with her best friend/life partner/soulmate, Ranney, as well as their psycho-kitty and two turtles.

Susan easily becomes obsessed with details. She often finds herself spiraling through hours of vocabulary deliberations and other sentence-level tweaking before she even constructs the foundation for a viable argument. This practice unnecessarily increases the arduousness of the writing process, resulting in unpleasant associations with the project and ultimately leading to its avoidance until the adrenaline induced by the approaching deadline forces her back into action. Fortunately, the mammoth undertaking of the dissertation will not allow attempts to tackle it all at once in a compulsive marathon. The process imposes development in stages and routine revisions after feedback from the committee. To reinforce the habit of setting and meeting a series of manageable goals, Susan visits the GSWC as a client, too.

Want to encourage Susan to take it one step at a time instead of freaking out? How do you set a consistent and manageable writing practice that includes rewards for completion of individual goals along the way? Leave comments below!


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