Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Leslie.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree at Vassar College and a Master’s degree in English education at the University of Iowa, Leslie Akchurin taught English composition for several years before focusing on writing center tutoring, which she has been enjoying at Texas Tech for the past 16 years.  She and her husband, who is a physics professor at Tech, have made their home in Lubbock since 2000, and their daughter is currently at medical school in Fort Worth.  Leslie is an enthusiastic on-location sketcher and is happy to share her experience with this increasingly popular art form with anyone who is interested.

A writing issue that Leslie sometimes deals with is deciding when to conclude her revision process.  She can become so wrapped up in selecting the most accurate and concise phrasing that she “polishes” her sentences to the point of sounding unnaturally compressed or stilted.  She finds it important to keep several drafts of a piece of writing so that she can return to them at the end of her revision process, read them aloud, and decide if some phrasing in the “final” draft should revert to earlier, more natural-sounding versions.  While careful revision is of course a very valuable practice, it can sometimes be taken too far!


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