Tutor Spotlight: Clint


Today’s tutor in the spotlight is Clint!

Clint is a second year Master’s student in English Literature with a concentration in Medieval Studies expecting to graduate in May. He began his writing center career in 2012 at Sam Houston State University while completing his Bachelor’s degree. While working at Sam Houston State University’s Writing Center, Clint earned his level 3 Master Certification through CRLA. He started his Master’s degree in the Fall of 2015 and began work at the Graduate Student Writing Center last Fall. He currently teaches Freshmen Composition. He intends to pursue his PhD in Medieval literature, primarily focusing on Anglo-Norman and Early Middle English manuscripts, following graduation. During the interludes between working on his thesis, tutoring, and preparing for class, Clint enjoys the outdoors of West Texas (while missing the trees and hills of the Piney Woods) and the occasional superhero movie!

Clint’s primary writing struggle is maintaining focus on a single idea while writing. He tends to get overexcited and create a document that contains multiple arguments with little cohesiveness or logical flow. To counteract this habit, Clint forces himself to create a separate document to record all of his ideas within a two hour session or during a series of walks where he uses Siri to take notes on his iPhone. Using these notes, he then creates an outline and plugs the ideas from his notes into the headings that they fit under. The ideas that do not relate to the common thread of the document get put into his “recycling folder” for future use.

Have tips for Clint on how you focuse your arguments in papers? Plan on using his  strategy to get focus your own paper? Leave him comments below!

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